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We are Technology and Facility Management Expert who create convenience for you

There are other elements which are equally important and complete your employees’ and customers’ positive experience. We utilize well maintained facilities and the latest technology to make sure both your employees and customers have seamless and convenient experience.

We understand your situation

We believe that you are always looking for the best ways to create comfort. Whether it is with the latest pieces of technology support and tools to replace your traditional system and increase speed, convenience, and organization, or with facility management that will boost productivity.

If you aim to just create a better experience for everyone in the company, we know what you need.

We support you through insight & assistance

We have the capabilities to provide you with necessary tools for your Human Resources Management, Marketing, and Sales activities. Not only that, we are also capable of designing, building, and managing your building and facilities. You might think that all of these are optional; we believe that they are crucial.

"With their proven experience, data security assurance and strong compliance record in serving the high end market industry, they are the one that we could rely on to help us adddress more and more highly regulated and mature DMTM practice within the overwhelming competition."
- Head of DMTM - PT. ASTRA Aviva Life

Our Services Category

  • Human Resources Information System
  • Customer Experience System
  • Facility Services
Human Resources

Human Resources Information System

This HR software is essential if your company appreciates speed, convenience, and a neat database. It is specifically designed to convert your traditional system into an online one so every activity is done faster and recorded well.

Talent Acquisition

Customer Experience System

A great customer experience needs to be supported with a well-planned system of technology. We provide you the solutions for your:

Marketing Hub
To make sure your marketing strategies and campaigns are effective, you need the right tools. We provide you with a marketing software that helps you manage your campaigns and generates data for you to analyze to make sure you grow your traffic, bring in quality leads, and confirm ROI.

Sales Hub
Having the right tools support your sales performance. We provide you with a sales software that helps you organize all your sales activities and track the progress of your deals.

Payment Gateway
A payment gateway ensures security and minimizes risks of online purchase and payment. Implementing this piece of technology promotes better customer experience and helps you gain more trust from your customers.

Customer Experience

Facility Services

Well-planned and maintained facilities ensure your employees and customers’ satisfaction. Satisfied employees and customers grant you a positive image and good reputation which leads to more revenue. We provide you the solutions for your:

Facility Management
We help you maintain your office buildings and all facilities integrated with them and make sure they create the best version of convenience for you employees and customers.

Design and Construction
We have the capabilities to design and build any of your office space requirements. We make sure they envision your business personality while also meeting your employees and customers’ needs and preferences.


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