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The success of a company is a result of numerous factors, major and minor, including human resources. As an expert in the field, we always believe that capable and happy employees ensure a company’s productivity and good performance. Creating a positive experience for your employees and potential employees means boosting their passion, motivation, and commitment to the company.

We understand your situation

Over the time, Human Resources Management is a complex subject that is full of intricate details. Establishing an entire system, from talent acquisition, professional development, to employee retention requires observant nature and undivided attention. The details do matter. Thus, it is understandable that Human Resources Management is often considered a hassling and unprioritized if not being overlooked.

What you need is another party to help you run a good Human Resources Management system while you can focus your resources on other important matters.

We support you through insight & assistance

We, DEOS,  have the capabilities to make your life easier. We help you create a reliable Human Resources Management end-to-end system by combining expertise, fresh ideas, technology support, and professional implementation. We do not only provide you with insights. We assist you run the initiatives.

"They have been helping our company as human resources provider for the past twelve years, and has build many positions for us. They are always taking the time to truly understand our needs, and we rely on them as one as our human resources provider."
- Human Resource Manager - PT. BANK CENTRAL ASIA, TBK

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  • Talent Acquisition
    Talent Acquisition
  • Onboarding & Development
    Onboarding & Development
  • Employee Administration & Retention
    Employee Administration & Retention
Talent Acquisition

Talent Acquisition

Great employers attract top talents, highlighting your best qualities as an employer, including an effective Talent Acquisition and assessment process with Customer Experience, makes sure you attract highly qualified talents. We provide you the solutions for your:

Employer Branding
Promoting your personality and best qualities as an employer through campaigns, advertising, and great design is essential for you to be seen by great talents.

Recruitment & Selection
Recruiting as many great talents as possible and shortlisting them is one key step to finally find only the most suitable ones for your needs. Through experience, we know just how.

Assessment & Interview
When you have the shortlisted candidates, what happens next? To us, it feels like matchmaking. Through a series of assessments and interviews, we find you talents who suit your company’s personality and objectives.

Onboarding & Development

Onboarding & Development

Digitizing your employees’ integration process does not only ease all the parties in the stage, but also elevates your company’s image. We provide you the solutions for your:

Employer Registration
Digital registration process is a faster and more convenient option which leads to a better database and more flexible data management.

Training & Digital Learning
Converting your employee’s traditional training materials into a series of measurable digital training phases leads to more skilled employees and better organization management.

Employee Administration & Retention

Employee Administration & Retention

Entrusting us to handle the administration sides of your Human Resources Management lets you deal with more strategic initiatives. We provide you the solutions for your:

Time Management
We make sure your employees daily initiatives are well recorded and thus easier to track with our time management systems.

Through our well-established system, we process your monthly employee data and calculate all factors of remuneration to make sure each employee receives the right amount.

Employee Engagement
We provide with a way for you to listen to what your employees say about your company and their wellbeing through surveys and questionnaires. We analyze and benchmark the results to help you project what is coming and create a strategy to provide better experiences.

What insights can we give you to achieve your goals?