Thursday, 23 December 2021

PayPrime Receive 3 Awards for Participation in ADP Conference 2021

On December 1-2, ADP Streamline as a Strategic Business Partner for PayPrime as one of DEOS Group business unit, held a global conference titled ADP Conference 2021 to share current business strategies, and sustainable projects with their partners from around the world. This event live streamed from their virtual studio.

On this occasion, PayPrime participate in providing videos with a COVID lesson learned documentary, represented by Ms. Idawati Supriadi as President Director of PayPrime.

Bringing the topic of the post COVID situation, Ms. Ida started the video by discussing the situation in Indonesia. At that time Indonesia was not doing well, and trying to survive the pandemic. Because the pandemic not only affects people's health, but also begins to have an impact on the industrial sector and leads to the economy.

At that time the industry was trying hard to survive. No exception, DEOS Group and PayPrime. Realize this pandemic will be a long marathon, not just a sprint, we need to take a very deep breath and manage our oxygen for this long run. Together, DEOS Group and PayPrime are doing their best to keep the team in this situation.

After more than a year of working remotely, PayPrime witnesses improvement in its payroll operation, which is measured by the improvement of KPI’s accuracy up to 99.9%, improved timeliness and productivity. PayPrime has also succeeded in maintaining its attrition rate of under 1% since last year. Moreover, PayPrime’s employees also testified that their remote working scheme is less stressful in general, and they’re willing to put in extra work hours when necessary. 

The video ends by discussing that facing the situation , of course, is not the end of the journey of the pandemic and the transformation of the DEOS Group and PayPrime. Because maybe we haven't seen the end of this pandemic situation, but that being the case, we will continue our transformation journey to be a resilient organization with sustainable growth, both in our company and our employees.

 And unexpectedly on this occasion too, PayPrime received 3 awards at once from ADP for the following categories: Resiliency, Collaboration and Security.

This proves that PayPrime can still provide the best for partners and clients, even in difficult times like the pandemic. It's an exciting opportunity to be able to participate in the ADP Conference 2021 and get 3 awards at once. 

Hopefully this will be a motivation for PayPrime to provide even more excellent services for existing and future PayPrime clients.

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