Friday, 30 April 2021

Letter from the CEO

Dear DEOS Strategic Partner,


It is said that many of us are living digitally, in a connected world. On the contrary, Digital Industrial Revolution 4.0 affecting every part of society, every industry and everyone’s lives, is deemed a digital euphoria by part of the business practitioners, as it is yet to deliver a realizable business outcome.

In its 31th year of services, DEOS reaffirms its unique identity as a BPO/BPaas and ITO in Human Resources, Customer Experience and Value-Added Services. We are proud of our vision to focus on Harmonious Recurring Business by means of Digitally-Enriched Corporate Strategy, that is directly or indirectly support Social Welfare as a promoter to the growth of employment maturity and the acceleration of economy. And we strongly believe that business process knowhow is our most important key success factor and business foundation, which should be earned in a learning-curved process maturity model, much different with technology that technically could be “downloaded”.

Although year 2020 was challenging and unexpected, it actually was the year of transition and change to DEOS. The company has delivered quite stable performance and growth; overall, around 97% of the revenue target. Some lost projects could be offset by some newly-closed-deal projects, and some unprofitable business could be offset by some profitable business.

Firstly is our BPO Human Resources portfolio. Our strategic focus in redefining Man Power Outsourcing (MPO) service into a more Human Resources process value service, has successfully provided a good start for a new market expansion outside the MPO market, although is yet to provide significant outcome.

Whilst, Security and Risk Consultancy and Training Service is quite tough, yet our Digital Learning Service is transformed to become the dark horse that could address most limitations of offline training during pandemic in the most large institutions during pandemic. Our Payroll Processing Service still plays an important role in supporting ADP Celergo Streamline in Indonesia as the worldwide market leader in Multi Country Payroll.

Coming a close second is our BPO Customer Experience portfolio. Our local Voice-based BPO service is facing a narrowed market segment and market maturity challenge. Though, the story is different with our regional Voice-based BPO in the Philippines, which is deemed to have a much promising market, but it is still in the process of finding a right approach to expand the capacity size and extend a new service in Data Management. Whilst, our Digital Marketing services extension to Human Resources besides Customer Experience, is proven to be a right strategic direction to offer new service value to new client segments.

Thirdly is our BPO Value-Added portfolio, that has been providing Architecture Design Engineering BPO service, especially Interior and Exterior Design Construction Service and Facility Management Service. Year 2020 was the worst for this service portfolio, to which the social distancing regulation almost stopped the business activity.

Next is our ITO Human Resource portfolio, which has more than 25 years of experience in HRIS and is still the center point of support to our BPO Human Resources HCM, Payroll and Payment by utilizing its Intellectual Property (Owned Software License) Application Managed Service, besides having started to offer high-end off-the-shelf HCM Application Managed Service to a new market segment.

Last but not least is our heritage ITO Customer Experience portfolio, which has been focusing on Collaborative CRM Managed Service since 2006, well-known as Omni Channel Application Managed Service. Its strategic innovation to a new technology has transformed our service offering from Outbound Inbound Conventional Contact Center to an Anywhere Mobile Contact Center model of implementation. Hopefully, our new initiative in Microbanking Intellectual Property (Owned Software License) Application Managed Service could fulfill our overall transformation for a new service and new market segment.

This all shows that our rebranding and restructuring to a new strategic definition starts fruitfully and could leverage the strength of our services and business portfolio to continuously provide more service value contribution to our Clients even during this pandemic era.

On behalf of DEOS Management and all Employees, I would like to express our deepest gratitude to all our clients for being with us, successfully going through the hard times during the pandemic situation.

As the challenges may continue and affect the business much more in the year 2021, it will be DEOS key priority to secure focus on sustainability, in order to ensure continuous service delivery to our clients’ business sustainability as well with some innovation and transformation initiatives.

In addition, we are proud to formally announce the adoption of Harmony as DEOS Corporate Principle, by which DEOS Corporate Value of Trustworthy in its dealings and solutions, professional in its delivery and personal in its approach, shall be leveraged.

As harmony is a process that brings several different components into a new and balanced whole, that can transform existing differences into productive results, we strongly believe that principle of harmony could minimize the ‘zero sum game’ mentality and could optimize the occurrence of synergies, in which the additional advantages generated from increased productivity can be shared between DEOS and its clients, that leads to a mutually beneficial longer-term relationship for a better and brighter future.