Tuesday, 16 March 2021

Harmony in the New Equilibrium: DEOS Kick Off 2021

Wednesday, March 10th 2021 is not an ordinary day at DEOS Group - for the first time, we celebrated our first-ever, virtual kick-off!

The celebration is not just a moment of joy, but also a moment to ponder back several months previously, as the company has faced lots of shifts in the dynamic business situation after its 30th anniversary - which followed directly by the COVID19 pandemic. Bottom line, DEOS Group couldn’t be more grateful after what we’ve been through together as one company.

As a proudly Indonesian-born company striving in the field of Human Resources, Value Added and Customer Experience, the online celebration, which was held via Zoom, was opened by national anthem Indonesia Raya. Afterward, we listened to a short speech by DEOS Group’s leaders, Vita K. Budhiwati as DEOS President Director. Also presented during the moment, Harry Surjanto as President Director from Anabatic Technologies Tbk. as DEOS' parent company.

Later on, all the DEOS People attended were briefed by DEOS Group CEO, Munadi Wiryadipura on the spirit behind Harmony in the New Equilibrium. It’s not just a celebratory theme only to be lived up in one day, but the spirit behind it shall be internalised by all DEOS People as Corporate Insight & Direction. The value of  the theme lies on the meaning of harmony itself; the truth is, harmony is not a destination, but a process - just like a soup dish, harmony between the different ingredients creates a tasty result.

The agenda was then followed by an interactive talk show with all leaders from each Business Unit, which gives all attendees a bird-eye view on how each part of the group shows their resilience in the past year and their plan for this 2021.

The festivities continued with one of the most anticipated agenda of the celebration: Announcement of door prizes, WFH Photo Competition, Virtual Background Competition and DEOS Got Talent winners! The event ended by a very heartwarming video of appreciation that shows all the challenges faced by all DEOS People, both those who have to work from office with strict precautions, or those who work from home with all its unique challenges. The peak of the festivities then came on the raffles session and the photo session. What a great day to be DEOS People!