Friday, 31 December 2021

End of Year Message from DEOS President Director

Our President Director, Karuna Budhiwati Dharma, closed the year 2021 with a message for both the clients of DEOS Group and the team.


For almost two years we have lived with the Covid-19 pandemic, the world has changed. We’re witnessed that the economies of all countries have also been affected, and Indonesia's economy is no exception.


At the beginning, I was honestly very worried, but now I’m grateful to God, that DEOS Group is able to survive through both 2020 and 2021. It’s inseparable from all performances by the DEOS people. My appreciation goes to all those who have successfully maintained their performance in this past two years, though in the PPKM period we have to juggle between WFH and WFO working schemes.


For 2022, let’s ignite the fire of good spirit in our organization. Let’s start with our prepared business plan, do it wholeheartedly. Here, the role of the leader is very important, don't forget to greet your team, are there any difficulties? Need help?

Don't forget to also greet our main clients, DEOS Group believes networking must continue as long as we are still in the business world.


For all our Clients and Partners, DEOS Group today has two years of experience in doing business under the pandemic. In the sloping case numbers of Covid-19, we optimize this opportunity to build and strengthen our relationships. We believe the key is coordination and communication, so let’s keep up the spirit.


Good luck friends, God bless our efforts.


Karuna Budhiwati Dharma


President Director of DEOS Group