Friday, 25 March 2022

DEOS Group Webinar Technology Sharing: The Power of AI and Automation in Contact Center


On March 10, DEOS Group together with ICCA held a webinar entitled Technology Sharing "From Leads to Customers: The Power of AI and Automation in Contact Center."

This webinar was attended by two speakers from DEOS Group business units, namely Yodi Setiawan from Egeroo and Marfri Hendry from Ontrace.

Presented by Yodi Setiawan, talking about customer experience (CX) which is currently an important factor in business, there are several points that DEOS Group will prioritize to improve CX in the future:

This is very important because Yodi Setiawan added, to answer the increasingly advanced times, brands are required to be able to provide products and services that are in line with the wishes and needs of customers. Instead of just giving the good ones, customers will prefer if they are given what is right for them.

Therefore, he was giving tips on several things that need to be considered for us to improve CX, namely:

  • Ensuring the customer journey is maintained

  • Micro-segmentation becomes more crucial

  • Optimizing the use of AI and automation on all fronts

Then, what is the solution from DEOS Group?

Presented by Marfri Hendry, DEOS Group informs a series of AI personalization and automation processes to improve CX for companies, such as:

  • True hybrid operation

Together with live chat agents, AI robots will learn directly from the experts.

  • Simple & fast bot training

The on-the-fly mechanics make training bots quick and simple.

  • Higher accuracy

A high level of accuracy is obtained by the AI ​​engine through understanding based on sentence concepts.

  • Mixed language support

Customers who use languages ​​other than Indonesian are still able to get proper chatbot services.

So, there are two solutions from DEOS, namely the Customer Experience Solution and the Contact Center Information Solution.

The customer experience solutions that DEOS Group presents are:

  • Customer touchpoint

  • Services

  • Marketing

  • Sales

  • Analytics

Meanwhile, contact center automation solutions that will be present at DEOS Group:

  • Forecasting automation

  • Sales automation

  • Scheduling automation

  • Workflow automation

  • Automated interaction

  • Automated agent guidance

Surely, this step is in response to the business changes for the better in the digital era. Because at this time, brands compete no longer on the features of their products or services, but more on how they provide a better experience for customers when interacting with brands.

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