Thursday, 08 October 2020

Utilizing HR Tech to Tend All Employees in the New Normal

Changing in our working environment does not have to be a crisis. With the help of technology, DEOS proves that change isn’t a threat, but an opportunity.

Do you know, according to a 2020 research by Leaders on Purpose, business leaders who are best at managing uncertain worlds are the one who relies on system thinking. This ability allows them to sort out complex problems.

So, let’s switch to reliable technology that can help you better in navigating an uncertain business landscape.

As transformation should be a part of New Normal culture in your organization, now is the crucial time to switch into HRIS (Human Resource Information System) technology as a replacement for your conventional HR practices.

“As it is a program that we have developed in-house, DEOS’ HRIS platform has also been used internally. We utilize it long before the pandemic occurs,” Mrs. Sandria, the Head of HRM Department - Employee Services from DEOS Group, shared.

“After COVID19, it proves to be able to run all HR functions even though we are working from home.”

Tried & tested, she testified that DEOS’ engineered HRIS platform helps the employees to keep up with their performance.

“All data can be accessed easily & fast, from maternity leave to medical reimbursement. In terms of flexibility, HRIS really brings convenience in the New Normal situation.”

As HRIS has become the ‘breakthrough’ HR technology in the New Normal, you may be curious about the prospect of applying it within your own organization. Contact us for further discussion!