Thursday, 01 October 2020

HR’s New Era of Uncertainty Management

For organizations, managing through these uncertain times is quite challenging, but the key relies on one value: Trust. 


Uncertainty Management Theory - perhaps we have never revisited the concept after we graduated from the university. But, as the cloud of COVID19 is looming above our organization, the concept becomes more and more relevant each day. Today, managing uncertainty is definitely a key leadership skill.


In the theory of Uncertainty Management, it is essential for someone to navigate through the situation with a clear head. Before releasing any strategic decision, make sure that you already consider:

- Elements that your organization can and cannot control 

- Align your organization & its human resources with a shared purpose 

- Holding to a clear vision of where you want your organization to be 

- Trusting your team to help the organization get there ​​​​​​​


Yes, the trust must be mutual. As you do your best to maintain the trust of the employees, you also have to trust them.


Mrs. Sandria, Head of the HRM Department - Employee Services from DEOS Group, gives us best practice:

“No panic has been spreading since the beginning of the COVID19 within our organization because we deliver each employee with routine Internal Memorandum from the management regarding the company’s situation and all the initiatives.”

In this situation, she emphasizes the importance of the HR department’s role as facilitators. “Even though HRs are working from home, we are all ready to be contacted.” 


With a good management of technology & productivity, or known as PTF (Productivity, Technology & Flexibility) in DEOS Group, it is proven that the New Normal working style does not interfere with employee's productivity. 


The PTF approach also helps employees to stay focused on their personal task and improvement plan.


“The result? Our January-June 2020 Performance Evaluation states that our employees still achieve the targets.” Mrs. Sandria added.