Thursday, 23 July 2020

Contact Center Service in the Midst of New Normal Phase

We’ve discussed how the pandemic transformed our way of doing recruitment & testing. Now, we sat with Mrs. Vincensia Susiyanti, the President Director of Ontrace to get more insight about contact center service nowadays. 

One example that lights up our discussion that day happened from a real phenomenon in insurance’s contact center, oversees by Ontrace as the business entity that focuses on the implementation of information technology to create values in clienteles’ core business, new frontiers, and digital capabilities.
“After the pandemic, telemarketing becomes the chosen way to support agencies' models since it’s not easy for insurance agents to meet their clients (or potential clients) face to face,” Mrs. Susi shared the DEOS Subsidiary’s bird-eye view. What used to be both telemarketing and agencies, now depends more heavily on telemarketing. ”Telemarketing is used for approaching potential clients, then the agents can do follow up via Zoom,” she elaborated. 

Another challenge that followed suit is the physical distancing regulations that required contact center to distance more between cubicles. “In these situations, I’ve seen several insurance companies take different paths: Let their contact center staff work from home via mobile application or creating bigger space so they can spread the cubicles further while still having the same amount of staff working,” she said.

Today, Ontrace has gained trusts from several big insurance brands in the nation, such as: PT Astra Aviva Life, PT Asuransi Allianz Life Indonesia, PT Asuransi Jiwa BCA, and many more. Therefore, they can oversee some phenomenon that's happening nowadays. It’s not a piece of cake to adjust your business well after COVID19 - yes, we must pay attention to several protocols; but let’s keep up with all the challenges and we shall overcome the new normal dynamics!