Thursday, 24 September 2020

3 Steps to Impacted L&D



As of 2020, Learning and Development (L&D) for corporations have improved better to achieve goals effectively. Do you know DEOS Strategic Partner, L&D is responsible to impact an organization’s human resources development.

But the question is, how to optimize those L&D programs, to have long-term great impacts? Furthermore, in Industry Revolution 4.0, we are pushed to be more responsive and adaptive. In this matter, L&D should focus more on a measurable impact to achieve your company’s business goal.

Below are 3 steps that you can think of and adapt to establish your impactful L&D!

1. Collaborating knowledge, skill, and attitude: The above collaboration to achieve conceptualizing learning processes towards vocational competence that is required for today's business.

2. Creating learning experiences in real-time and immersive content as well as cases: All your learners are adults, they require relevant and real case content to help them to achieve their performance. At the end of the program, the learning purpose is to create well-trained employees with productivity and efficiency.

3. Building Learning Culture: Learning Culture is very important, it is about conventions to encourage employees and organizations to develop knowledge, skill, and attitude become competence. An organization with a learning culture encourages continuous learning and believes that systems influence each other.

Are you ready to make an impact on L&D? Don't forget to contact us for more information! DEOS Group, through its subsidiary, digima ASIA, provides you the best learning and development experiences to meet your corporate future goals.