Konten tentang anak perusahaan

  • PT Sinergi Media Integrasi

    As part of DEOS Group, Ontrace’s business focuses on the implementation of information technology to create values in your core business, new frontiers, and digital capabilities. Providing digital enriched omnichannel services for customers, Ontrace offers end-to-end services to create one, unified excellence customer experience for the customers, both in traditional and digital business models and tools. With more than 30 years experience, DEOS Group is a subsidiary under Anabatic Group, a leading IT company, which has been acknowledged as one of the Big Five IT company in Indonesia, with more than 1,500 employees.

  • PT Solusi Karya Insani

    Acquired in 2014 by DEOS Group, Solusi Karya Insani has over a decade of experience in providing Human Resource Information System (HRIS) & Payroll System utilizing our own In-house HRIS & Payroll System Application namely Transform. The proposed solution includes Organization, Employment, Payroll & Compensation Benefit, Time Management, Manpower Planning, Recruitment and Employee Self Service (ESS).

  • PT Kontinum Global Studio

    Kontinum Global Studio (KGS) is an innovation concept for architecture, interior design and implementation in the ever-changing world especially in Indonesian market. Established in 2003 and acquired by KPSG in 2014, KGS has grown to be a qualified and professional company and has a 1000m² interior workshop center. By now, KGS has performed more than 300 projects serving retails, offices, residentials, food & beverage (F&B) and hospitality industries.

  • PT Andalan Anak Bangsa

    KPSG is an outsourcing company with 30 years experience since 1990. We provided services to 100+ active clients, 6.000+ outsourcing employees, 6500+ Payslip, 13 branch office nationwide, 12 recruitment centers nationwide. In 2020, With the Rebranding and Restructuring, KPSG redefined the Human Resource Services (MPHRO) into 5 Service Categories

    ● Recruitment & Selection Process Services

    ● Employee Registration & Administration Services

    ● Payroll Processing Services

    ● Time Management Services

    ● Operational Support Management Services (Facility Care Services, General Services, Field Support Services, Securing Asset Services)


  • PT Pacifica Manajemen Fasilitas

    Pacifica Manajemen Fasilitas is an IT-based company supported by professionals. With the support of qualified personnel, it is expected to be able to support the company's business movement in a positive direction, by providing solutions that are efficient, sharp and reliable from an IT perspective. Our services are in the field of Payment Gateway and Online Transaction, by providing a reliable, innovative and competitive application platform.

  • PT Advika Media Kreasi

    The high and steady growth of internet users in Indonesia has shifted the nature of interaction between companies and its market. Consumers have access to vast amount of information anytime and anywhere, adding more touch points than ever before. This shift in behavior is the basis of Advika Media Kreasi establishment in 2015. Our digital marketing strategy can help your business nurture a meaningful relationship with your customers by communicating to them in a more effective and targeted manners across those points.

  • PT Jaga Nusantara Satu

    Jaga Nusantara Satu is a security company based on Security Risk Management Company. JN1 was born from our concern for the security industry in Indonesia. To realize the big dream in the security of the security guard profession, JN1 seeks to improve two aspects of security practitioners in Indonesia: quality and welfare. Some of the services provided by JN1 include IT Based Security System, Training Center, Security Consulting, and Shooting Range.

  • PT Digital Animasi Asia

    Established in June 2016, Digital Animasi Asia builds and focuses on digital & learning innovation and its transformation because of the urgent requirements of digitalization and digital development in order to ease the gaining of benefits by its users. With the vision of creating world class digital creation, we create digital innovation using up-to-date technology to provide merits and benefits to partners and clients.

  • PT Dunia Kerja Indonesia

    Established in 2015, Dunia Kerja Indonesia provides integrated services in facility management. We deliver facility resources management services, maintaining and operating buildings to ensure every aspect runs smoothly. Our capabilities sit across the full range management services ranging from security to housekeeping support services, mechanical and electrical engineering work, and even workspace design and utilization. We explore our customer's specific needs and therefore deliver the best solution to address their request through the establishment of total facility management solutions services

  • KPSG International, Inc.

    To address the vision of KPSG Group to be the leading Business Process Services Company in Region, KPSG International Inc. (KII) was established in 2016 in Makati, Philippines, to serve international market in Business Process Services, both “Voice based” and “Non Voice based” services.

  • PT Payrol Prima Indonesia

    PayPrime Payroll Process Services has been actively driving the establishment of strategic alliance in 2011 with ADP Streamline, the world’s largest payroll process services company for HR, payroll, talent, time, tax, and benefit administration. Providing end-to-end solution for your HR and Payroll services, PayPrime is supported by highly trained and qualified payroll personnel and in-housed technological personnel. Having expertise in payroll processing since 1990, PayPrime has three payroll processing center, including main sites and BCP infrastructure.

  • PT Bisnis Proses Indonesia

    ProsPrime provides high quality services in Inbound and Outbound Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) with focus on HR related operations, SOP development, and managed operations. Having served Indonesian business since 1990, ProsPrime is your trusted partner to manage key areas in your organizational development, including the setup, operations, and monitoring. Offering wide range of managed operation services, ProsPrime will support your day to day business operation needs and allow you to focus on managing your core business expertise.

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